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Stradbroke Security Consultants is fully Australian owned and was founded in 1992. We install and monitor alarm systems, access control and camera surveillance for industrial, commercial and residential markets. 

At Stradbroke Security we service industrial, commercial and residential clients in Melbourne and surrounding areas, providing security solutions incorporating alarm systems, access control, camera surveillance and 24-hour monitoring. We use our industry knowledge to design and install the best security solution tailored to your individual and business requirements.

Services at Stradbroke Security


Alarm System

An alarm system will detect and deter unauthorised entry. When combined with a 24-hour monitoring service, a response can be initiated in the event of a break-in.


Camera Serveillance

Camera surveillance is used to monitor and record activity at entry points, exit points and provide general viewing throughout your site.


Acesss Control

Control the entry and exit of staff, visitors and vehicles to your premises, via the use of proximity cards that operate electric locks. If required, photo ID can also be supplied.


24 hour Monitoring

Stradbroke Security provides 24 hour, 365 days a year back to base monitoring, to ensure your premises is protected at all times without relying on neighbours and passers-by to act in the event of an emergency.



Clients can choose to have a patrol guard attend throughout the night. The cost of this service can be supplied upon request, as it depends on the time taken to check the premises, the number of visits and whether the patrol guard is required to do an external and or internal check of the premises Static guards can also be arranged and quoted upon request.


Scheduled Maintenance

To ensure your security system operates correctly we provide quarterly, six monthly or annual testing and maintenance. The complete system is tested, including access control, cameras and communication links.


Service & Repairs

Stradbroke’s Service Department will be happy to assist with all your service requirements. For more information, or to arrange servicing of your system, contact Stradbroke on (03) 9894 4551, or email our service coordinator who will respond by next business day to arrange service.


Remote System Management

Stradbroke Security offers a remote programming service when your alarm system's control panel is compatible with our software. Remote programming of entry codes, access types, arming and disarming the security system can be performed on request.

Our aim is to provide an efficient and personalised service to all of our clients.

Our friendly Sales Team will provide an obligation-free quotation, and if accepted will co-ordinate the entire installation together with Stradbroke’s experienced Technicians to ensure your System provides premium security for your premises. Upon connection of a security system to our monitoring service, we will forward a ‘Client Information Document’ outlining all your system, user and alarm response recall information. Stradbroke’s aim is to provide an efficient and personalised service to all of our clients.

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We listen to our client’s requirements, adapt our industry knowledge, build and maintain relationships and provide security through service!

Director Andrew Wright

Industry knowledge to supply and install